Track My Order




You can track your order through the Royal Mail tracking tool: 

Royal Mail will update the status when they receive the item and when the shipment is delivered. You will not be able to view live tracking details during the journey process - only after it is completed.



Due to EU's new customs system there can be considerable delays to shipments to European countries. Be advised to allow anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks for European deliveries to clear customs backlog.

Tracking details are updated when delivery leaves the UK and when it reaches the final destination. Details are not updated during the actual delivery process. If the tracking shows only partial information it means the shipment is still in process. It does not mean that the delivery is lost.



International deliveries may be subject to import duties, taxes and fees*. For orders placed on our website, there may be additional local duties and taxes that are out of Luxx’s control that you may need to pay in order to receive the goods.

For items to be exported, the carriage charge covers packaging and delivery only.

Failure to pay import fees can cause the loss of your goods. Luxx does not refund or credit shipments where import taxes have been ignored/rejected. 

*If your order is to the US and is less than $800, you won't incur any additional duty costs on your delivery.


Customs may inspect goods prior to delivery, which may cause delays. Please provide a valid recipient telephone number to avoid any further delays. This number may be required by local customs and delivery agents.



In case you experience extensive delays, please contact Royal Mail for further information and don't forget to provide your tracking number in your enquiry:   



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