This is an approximate conversion table to help you find your size. If you have already purchased an item by our brand, we recommend you select the same size as indicated on its label.


A perfume decant is the process of extracting a fragrance from the original bottle, and transfer it to a smaller unbranded/neutral bottle to offer it as a tester.


Niche perfumes are basically the Haute Parfum of perfumery. They are of higher quality ingredients, often hand-formulated per lot (meaning the perfumer is basically providing a custom-tailored perfume), and contain more pure perfume oils. Niche perfumes tend to be more oily in consistency than the cheaper mass-produced perfumes.

The list of fragrance ingredients in a niche perfume can exceed 50 different notes versus 2-6 in a mass-produced perfume built on aroma chemicals rather than oils. The extensive list of ingredients make niche perfumes more expensive.

It is not unusual to find prices from £200 to even £1,500 per 100ml for niche perfumes. The common claim that you 'pay for the packaging' is not true with niche perfumes. A buyer pays for the higher costs of quality ingredients.


Perfume longevity depended on both the perfumers composition and the users body chemistry, based on food habits, medicines, etc. The same fragrance can therefore differ in smell between person to person. The molecules in perfumes evaporate in contact with heat. Individuals with higher body temperature will generally experience a much shorter perfume sillage and lifespan.

Perfumes dominated by fruity or flowery top notes will have much lower longevity due to the lighter and short-lived molecules in the notes.

You can improve longevity by applying the fragrance on clothing near the chest/shoulder area and arms/sleeves. Perfumes last longer on textiles. Perfumes contain high concentration of alcohol and should be avoided on textiles like silk, rayon, etc. and can stain or dry these materials.

Another method to increase fragrance strength is to put a little bit of vaseline on the skin (i.e. wrists, neck), then spray the perfume on the vaseline spots.

Remember that many niche brands are small perfume makers. Each batch may be handmade and unique. Like wine, perfumes mature. If you allow your fragrance to mature you will see that it gets more rounded and stronger, and the colour will also deepen.


We get new stock weekly, but do check back with us about stock that may be harder to come by and take longer to restock.

Our primary focus is high-end niche brands. We generally do not offer medium to low-end brands, unless we get a one-off temporary stock addition offered by our suppliers.


Perfumes are decanted from their original bottles and added to smaller tester bottles. A temporary handprinted or printed label is added for reference.

Due to supply issues from long COVID lockdowns and restrictions, we currently carry testers in roller bottles only. We will be re-introducing spray testers again in the coming months. Roller bottles are not sprays and have to be packaged differently. Bottles have to be polymer coated to reduce leakage and to comply with IFRA regulations, and the many shipping restrictions for perfumes to minimize leakage risks as much as possible.

The bottles used for the testers is shown in the product description images.

The sizes of the testers are very convenient for a handbag, pocket, a car, for work or for travels.


We offer multiple payment methods; PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Shopify payment processing and the option to pay by Bank Transfer.


For security reasons, the payment provider require that the card payment details must match your bank statement details associated with the card you use:

1. The card holders name
2. The card billing address
3. The delivery address (should match your bank statement)
4. The CVC code (last 3 digits on the back of the card)

If these details differ from your card provider details, the payment will often be held or rejected due to security concerns.


In fact, yes! COVID-19 is causing a bit of havoc in the perfume community and appears to have a damaging effect on the scent buds. The good news is that it's only temporary. Loss of smell (Anosmia) is one of the effects of COVID and can continue long after a mild or severe infection.

More recent discoveries show that people who have been afflicted with COVID, appear to see a reduced loss of smell and taste, or a distorted sense of smell, or odd or weak smell.

COVID-19 scent buds generally return to normal in 80% of cases within a few weeks or even months Some are experiencing almost permanent loss of smell for a year with receptors returning to normal with training. The neurons need time to regenerate from the supply of stem cells within the lining of the nose.

Other causes for scent distortion or loss are allergies, hay fever, colds. Like COVID these conditions can make fragrances smell odd, strong scents can smell weak or poorly lasting, or completely distorted. As this system tries to heal, it can lead to a strange condition known as parosmia, in which smell returns, but in a bizarrely distorted fashion. Parosmia is often a sign of recovery.


For updates on shipping costs and delivery estimates, please see the SHIPPING TAB in the product page (next to the product description).

Our Scent Lab need up to 2-days to process the decant, unless we carry ready stock.

Shipping is processed by Royal Mail. Delivery time differ from region to region but range from 3-14 business days, depending on destination. Please note that new EU customs policies from July 1st 2021 is affecting shipping time to Europe, causing some delays to deliveries that can range from 1 week and more. We do not recommend orders that require tight deliveries since this cannot be guaranteed.

If you placed your order by tracked delivery you will be able to see the progress of your shipment via the delivery carrier link emails to you upon despatch. We are unable to know any additional details of the shipping process, apart from what you are able to find via the tracking link yourself.

If you order by non-tracked delivery this information will not be available.

You can check your tracking details emailed with your shipping confirmation via the Royal Mail website:


EU Cross-border VAT e-commerce regulations

On 1 July 2021 the value added tax (VAT) exemption for the importation of goods into the EU not exceeding EUR 22 has been removed to enable the European Union to collect more tax.

As a result, all goods imported to the EU are subject to VAT and other fees. These new regulations are creating considerable delays with deliveries and complicating customs procedures.

** These new EU policies are not associated with Brexit but apply to all ecommerce orders, both within and outside of Europe.


Please be aware that if you are based in the European Union there is a risk that you will be charged duty, VAT and import fees for your order in addition to your purchase price and shipping fees on our website.

Although we do not see these fees applied to all European destinations, some buyers have ended with import fee notices. All government fees are the buyers responsibility. These fees are billed to you by your government on the importation of goods, and are payable before they release the goods.

We cannot provide email responses with updates on deliveries or customs procedures as these are associated with third-party and government procedures outside our scope of access.

Learn more here: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/vat/vat-e-commerce_en


When you place an order with us the lab decant process takes 1-2 business days, Monday to Friday, plus shipping by second class mail which takes 3-5 working days within the UK, and anywhere from 7-14 business days to other destinations.
** Be adviced that we do not process orders on weekends, bank holidays or seasonal holidays.

Timeframe Example:

- You place an order on Monday. The decant lab processed is on Tues/Wed and the order is processed for shipping on Thursday. The shipping time should be estimated from Thursday.

- Order placed on Friday. The decant lab is processed on the following Mon/Tues and the order is processed for shipping on Wednesday. The shipping time should be estimated from Wednesday.

Royal Mail will send an email once the delivery is picked up and processed.


If you opted for tracked delivery with your purchase, the confirmation email will contained your tracking code number. Or, you can track the status of your order from your "order history" in your account page, and search the tracking update on Royal Mail:



Due to EU's new Cross-border VAT e-commerce regulations for EU and non-EU sales, there is currently considerable customs and shipping deleays while De Minimis customs regulations is put in place from July 1st 2021. These procedures are also applied to Northern Ireland.

Customs clearances backlog can be as much as one week or even a month in isolated cases. There is nothing we can do about these delays and they are part of the EU government process and may involve the application of duty, VAT and import fees to your order on arrival. Please factor this in when you place your order.

We are not seeing delays or customs issues to other non-EU destinations, and these deliveries continue as normal.


Shipments are reflected as RTO (returned to origin) under the following circumstances:

- Delivery was attempted more than once but it could not be delivered due to either wrong address or no one being present at the given address.

- The address could not be found because either it was incomplete, house or building number missing, or the address was faulty.

- You or someone at your delivery address refused to accept the order.



We do not accept returns on any perfume testers due to the handmade nature of the products. UK's Health & Safety Regulations do not permit re-stock or re-sell returned handmade decants. We are trying to offer a better option in the near future.

Returns on full retail bottles:

We accept 14-day returns on full retail product bottles, provided the cellophane wrap is intact and the product is in original condition. Return must be processed within 14-days from the shipping date by tracked delivery only.

Damaged Items

The following exceptions apply:

- Replacement of the same product in the original order will be provided on damaged items.
- Replacement is not offered on products that have been tampered for other usage.
- Please report damaged items within 24-hours of delivery date to qualify for replacement through the contact form.


- Exchange is offered on faulty / wrong items with a replacement.
- Faulty items need to be notified to us within 36-hours of delivery date to qualify for exchange.
- Note that an exchange will not be provided for returned goods that show signs of use or unreasonable use.
- For replacements, returns must be received within 30-days of the purchase date. Returned items must be pre-approved with a return reference code and be posted by tracked delivery and with tracking proof with the return label emailed to you upon approval.
- Please ensure that the returned parcel is properly sealed and contains the Returns Note or original packing slip.

Order Cancellations

- We accept cancellations on orders provided that you notify us prior to the product(s) being prepared and/or shipped.
- We cannot accept cancellations once the order has been processed for shipping, or has been shipped.
- Make sure to include your order number and name. If the cancellation is processed, you will receive a cancellation verification by email.
- A refund will be credited back to the same card used in the transaction within 2-5 business days.

Faulty/Wrong Goods

- If you have received a faulty item we will issue a replacement for the original item ordered. Please report faulty goods within 36-hours of delivery through the contact form.
- If you have received a faulty item and we are unable to replace it, a refund will be issued within 14-days of receipt of the return.

Royal Mail Compensation Claims: Lost Items

For lost items you may file a compensation claim with Royal Mail via the Online Compensation Form. We cannot accept liability for goods lost in transit (although this is rare) and we do not provide refunds or compensation for lost items. Missing items would need to raised a claim with Royal Mail:


Please assure you have all details ready before filing your claim with Royal Mail:

1) Your purchase receipt that was emailed to you
2) The order value and order date
3) Shipping label reference (for non-tracked deliveries) or tracking code.
4) External packaging description ["White padded envelope with printed label"].

This information is emailed to you upon shipping confirmation. You can take a screencap or image of the label reference or tracking number and upload it with your proof for a claim filed with Royal Mail.

Please note that compensation claims by Royal Mail is generally processed and refunded for tracked postage only. You select your preferred method of shipping during checkout. You can however, still file a missing items claim. Missing claims can only be filed after 14-days of shipping date, the earliest.


Our customer service team is available throughout the week, all five business days from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm local United Kingdom time zone.

You can reach us via the website contact form or at email hello@luxxperfumes.com.
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