Niche perfume testers

How Do Niche Perfumes Differ From Regular Perfumes?

Niche perfumes are basically the Haute Parfum of perfumery and is the dominant trend in perfumery nowadays. They are of exceptionally higher quality ingredients and often hand-formulated per lot (meaning the perfumer is basically providing a custom-tailored perfume!).

Niche perfumes use a mix between aroma ingredients and pure oils, and it's not unusual that the list of fragrance ingredients in a niche perfume can exceed 50 different notes versus 2-4 in a mass-produced perfumes. This makes niche perfumes quite expensive. 

Due to the high-quality ingredients and the volume of ingredients used in niche perfumery it is not unusual to find prices to range from £300 to even £900 per 100ml while mass-produced perfumes can be purchased for £10-40 for 100ml. Unlike the common claim that you 'pay only for the packaging' this is really not true with niche perfumes. You pay for the higher costs of purer and more extensive use of ingredients.


How To Make Perfumes Last On My Skin?

Perfume longevity react to heat and can differ greatly between person to person. The molecules in perfumes evaporate in contact with heat. Individuals with higher body temperature will generally experience a shorter perfume sillage and lifespan. Also, perfumes with more top notes tend to have much lower longevity due to the lighter molecules in flower notes.

Similarly, the same perfume can smell different on a different skin chemistry. This is due to food and metabolism. 

You can improve longevity by applying the fragrance on clothing near the chest/shoulder area and arms/sleeves. Perfumes last longer on textiles (but not on all materials). Perfumes contain high concentration of alcohol and should be avoided on textiles like silk, rayon, etc. and can stain or dry these materials.

Remember that many niche brands are small perfume makers. If they are out of stock they tend to create and sell stock somewhat prematurely without sufficient masceration (6-8 weeks) to not lose out on sales and assuming the fragrance will stand in stock to mature. If you allow your fragrance to mature you will see that it gets more rounded and stronger.


Can I decant the roll-on content into a spray bottle?

The testers are supplied in bottles for roll-on use. Be aware that roller bottles may contain polymers to prevent leakage and air problems for transport and packaging. This can thicken the consistency slightly in rollers. Therefore, the perfumes should not to be emptied into spray bottles. For sprays we offer 30ml bottles for many high-end fragrance that can be backordered.


Does COVID-19 Affect The Sense Of Smell?

COVID-19 appears to have a damaging effect on the scent buds (Anosmia). Loss of smell is one of the signs of COVID symptoms. More recent discoveries show that people who have been afflicted with COVID, either mild or severe, appear to either see a reduced or complete loss of smell. Some people report a greatly distorted or reduced ability to experience scents even after they are fully recovered.

Although it is assumed scent buds return to almost normal in around 80% of cases within a few months, some are experiencing almost permanent loss of smell with limited receptors returning to semi-normal with training. The neurons need time to regenerate from the supply of stem cells within the lining of the nose. 

Other causes for scent distortion or loss are allergies, hay fever, colds. Like COVID these conditions can make fragrances smell odd, strong scents can smell weak or poorly lasting, rancid or out of date or completely distorted. As this system tries to heal, it can lead to a strange condition known as parosmia, in which smell returns, but in a bizarrely distorted fashion. Parosmia is often a sign of recovery.  


How Often Do You Restock?

We get supplies from more than 20 distributors and direct shops from Europe. We filll new stock rotations weekly. We expand our inventory constantly, so if you do not find what you're looking for now - check back with us regularly.


What Is The Best Source To Purchase The Full Bottle?

Personally, we would recommend buying direct from the brand store. Although there are many discounts from various shops, we recommended perfume lovers to take advantage of the brand offers. You may get collectible items and with one-off offers or special gifts for regular customers. These are great opportunities to get something unique.

There are of course many luxury department stores offering niche perfumes with  discounts, but in our opinion buy direct from Chanel, Guerlain, Parfums de Marly and so on. 


Will You Be Offering Testers In Spray Bottles?

We are starting to introduce 30ml spray bottles for the high-end luxury niche brands. We will soon be introducting full bottles in original brand packaging and in store demo packaging.


What Do I Receive With My Order?

You will receive a decant perfume of the product you have chosen, filled in a roller or spray bottle which can fit in a pocket, handbag and is also excellent for travels and meet the size for travel requirements.
The product will have our removable custom-printed label on it. Labels and packaging are only for identification and reference. All bottles are disinfected before they are decanted.
We add a free gift in the form of a 1ml original brand tester to orders above £60, subject to stock availability.

* Original packaging or original bottles are not included. Our products are decants only.
** Cosmetic flaws: Please be aware that all items are handmade, including the (removable) temporary label. Labels are printed on demand, and may therefore contain minor cosmetic or alignment flaws.

How Is My Order Bottled?

Our standard stock is 15ml glass roller bottles. For exceptional high-ticket items  the size may be smaller due to the per ml pricing and will be clarified in the product description. Due to potential supply issues that happen from time to time we reserve the right to change the shape of the bottles at any time.

What Is The Order Processing Time?

Unless the decant is ready in stock for that day, we may need a 2 working day lab production to dispatch orders.

Production can slip during busy times of the year and take slightly longer.
If your order is time sensitive, please contact us for an accurate production and dispatch time frame, or leave a note with your order during checkout.

How Are Backorders Processed?

Occasionally we are out of stock, or orders are partially out of stock. Your order will then be place on backorder. We will then wait for new stock from our distributor before decanting and shipping the full order. This may add additional days to the processing (on average a total of 5 working days plus shipping).  

My Credit Card Payment Is Declined

Make sure your cardholder's name and statement address and post code matches the address for your purchase billing address, or the payment may get declined due to security concerns. This is the most common reason a card is declined.

Also make sure the CVC code, the last 3 digits on the back of the card, are accurately added to the payment process. If you have problems using a credit or bank card you have the option to order by direct bank transfer by selecting the option at checkout, follow the instructions in the confirmation to process the payment.

For fraud protection payments must clear CVV validation. Cards that cannot validate CVV (the last three digits on the back of the card) or the AVS postal code that your card statement is issued to, may be declined by the payment processor. It's important to have these details to be able to place the order.

To ship the order to a different address, submit the address that your card statement is issued to for 'billing' and the new 'ship to' shipping address during the order process to make sure the payment clears.
If a payment provider flags the transaction for security reasons, we may ask for ID proof and card/address proof before processing the order.

Do You Offer Specific Batch Numbers?

We do not record specific batches. For specialized batches for hard-core perfume lovers, you may need to contact a specialist perfume suppliers. Our fragrance samples / testers are not organized according to batches due to labour and time intensity.

How Long Is The Process For "Out of Stock" Orders

If we're out of stock, we are generally able to place a special order with our supplier to process your order.
Out of stock orders can take around 5 business days to process. If we are unable to obtain stock to fill your order, you will be notified by email and your payment will be refunded.

What Is The Delivery Time?

- The time to receive UK-based orders are normally 3-5 business days including the decant process.
-  For out-of-stock backorders, add up to 5 working days for processing.

- European orders take 5-10 days on average + decant process. Note that we are seeing considerable delays to normal deliveries, especially during COVID-19 periods.

- For international orders, please allow 7-20 days due to customs procedures + decant process. Note that we are seeing considerable delays to normal deliveries, especially during COVID-19 periods.

Tracked Delivery Insurance - Lost Orders

We offer Standard 2nd Class post or 2nd Classed Tracked. If you want insurance coverage in case of losses you need to select the tracked delivery option at check-out. Additional fees may apply although quite minimal.

What If My Order Is Lost In Delivery?

Although lost orders are quite few, at times shipments experience postal delays. Do allow sufficient time for delivery.

Please note that our limited margins on luxury perfumes do not permit us to replace or reimburse for lost orders. Please make sure that you select tracked delivery at checkout if you want compensation coverage for lost orders [via Royal Mail].

For lost delivery compensation, you may file a request online through Royal Mail for the purchase value. Royal Mail require 14-days from date of delivery before accepting lost items claims.

Can I Return A Purchase?

Each fragrance sample is customized "to order" from the brand's original bottle. This doesn't guarantee that you will like a fragrance, which is why there are perfume samples.

Once the package has been received by a customer possible conditions exist causing cross-contamination risks. Due to this even large perfume brands do not take returns on opened items.

To help ensure that regulations are followed we generally cannot accept returns or exchanges or issue refunds on customized products. Luxx is unable by legal policies to restock or resell returned decant perfumes. All sales are therefore final.

Perfume samples are perishable goods and fall under health and safety regulations. 


What Happens If The Order Is Faulty Or Damaged?

If we have made a mistake with your order we will rectify it at no additional cost, or provide a full refund if we are unable to provide a correction.
Should goods arrive damaged or faulty, we tend to provide a replacement item or credit note as appropriate. Please contact us within 24-hours of receiving the order in the event of damage or faults with a photo of the received item. If we fail to provide a replacement, a refund will be issued.

Failure to report any damage within 24 hours of delivery will be considered an acceptance of the items condition. Any damage reported more than 24 hours after the delivery MAY be rejected so make sure to report faulty orders right away.
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