About Our Store

One of my first jobs at the perfume lab as a teen was nothing glamorous–I had to label blotters and make samples. Sticking hundreds of tiny labels on narrow strips of paper and filling out bottle after bottle was such a mind-numbing task that I entertained the idea of creating a small robot and underwriting the expense. Eventually, I moved onto something more interesting, but ever since then I’ve become very good at making perfume samples. While not a resume worthy skill, it comes in handy from time to time.

When perfume lovers talk about samples, they usually mean 1-3ml stoppered vials. ‘Decant’ refers to a larger amount; it means that perfume has been transferred from its original container to a 5-30ml splash or spray bottle.

I personally need more time to try the development stages of a fragrance than a small 1-3ml single use tester can offer. That's why I started LUXX - to give perfume lovers and fans a place to find affordable luxury decants from exclusive perfumes that can retail as much as £850 for 100ml. I don't know about you, but I am not keen to spend £850 to try a scent...

We provide a fairly generous size to allow users to experience the olfactory development of a fragrance. We try to make it affordable through wholesale bulk-buys, and I do think we have the best prices on decants for this generous size. The roller bottles make the decants last longer rather than waste expensive fragrance on sprays where nearly half evaporates into air. We work to constantly expand our inventory with truly high-quality Niche fragrances on the market today.

I really do hope you LOVE our products as much as we do.





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