A perfume decant, or decant tester/decant sample, is the process of extracting a fragrance from the original bottle and transfer the fluid to a smaller bottle to offer it as a tester.

A decant does not include the original brand bottle or original labeling.


No, a decant tester never comes with the original brand bottle. The perfume is added into a non-branded bottle.

Often luxury brands will not offer testers unless you purchase a full bottle, or will provide a larger travel sized bottle in the form of a gift offer which tend to be very expensive.

At times they offer testers, but on paper blotters or in 1-2ml bottles, too tiny and insufficient to try an expensive fragrance.


Niche perfumes are basically the Haute Parfum of perfumery.

They are of higher quality ingredients than the cheap mass-produced perfumes, that are made from fragrant chemicals. Niche perfumes are often hand-formulated per lot (meaning, the perfumer is basically providing a custom-tailored perfume).

The list of fragrance ingredients in a niche perfume can exceed 50 different perfumed oils although the perfume houses describe only the most dominant ones.

In cheap perfumes made from aroma chemicals there tend to be 2-3 different chemicals to emulate a scent. The extensive list of ingredients tend to hike up the prices a lot for niche perfumes.

It is not unusual for niche scents to cost £200 to even £1,500 per 100ml. The common claim that you 'pay for the packaging' is not true with niche perfumes. A buyer pays for the higher quality ingredients and it reflects in the expansive beauty and radiance of the fragrances whether they are soft or strong in sillage.


Perfume longevity is tricky and tend to reduce by heat, body heat and the body's fundamental chemistry (sweet, sour, acidic). Therefore, perfumes should be stored away from heat and light.

Longevity is also determined by the composition, the users body sense of smell. No two people have the same developed sense of smell and perceive top, middle and base notes differently. The same fragrance can seem different in smell and longevity between person to person. A very sensitive nose can smell a perfume until the next day while another person perceives it for a few hours. Therefore, longevity estimates are only a format.

The molecules in perfumes evaporate in contact with heat meaning the lifespan shortens with heat. Individuals with higher body temperature will generally experience a much shorter perfume sillage.

Perfumes dominated by fruity or flowery top notes will also have much lower longevity due to the lighter and short-lived molecules of these notes.

You can improve longevity by applying the fragrance on clothing near the chest/shoulder area and arms/sleeves. Perfumes last longer on textiles. Bear in mind perfumes contain a high concentration of alcohol and should be avoided on textiles like silk, rayon, etc. and can stain or dry these materials.

Another method to increase perfume strength is to put a little bit of vaseline on the skin (i.e. wrists, neck), then spray the perfume on the vaseline spots.

Remember that many niche brands are small perfume makers. Each batch may be handmade and unique. Like wine, perfumes will mature and get richer and deeper as it ages. If you allow your fragrance to mature you will see that it gets more rounded and stronger, and the colour will also change and deepen.


The same fragrance can differ between person to person. This is quite common and due to the individual body chemistry, changing depending if the body chemistry is sweet, acidic or sour.

Intake such as food, spices, alcohol, medicines, body temperature, etc., can alter how a scent unfolds and blends with our individual body chemistry.

People with a very sensitive nose will experience more longevity from a scent than someone with a lesser sense of smell, or partially missing perception of top, middle or base notes.

The molecules in perfumes evaporate in contact with heat meaning the lifespan shortens with heat. Individuals with higher body temperature will therefore experience a much shorter lifespan with their perfume. People with more acidic body chemistry may perceive floral and citric notes differently than a person with sweeter body chemistry.


We buy mainly wholesale from many suppliers and distributors, most of them from Europe. But we also buy some harder-to-find supplies directly from the perfume brands.


We get new stock every second week, but do check back with us about stock that may be harder to come by and take longer to restock.

Our primary focus is high-end niche brands. We generally do not offer medium to low-end brands, unless we get a one-off temporary stock offered by our suppliers.


While most people prefer spray bottles, roller bottles are much easier for us to ship, especially internationally.

The bottles are much thicker than spray bottles with less likelihood to break or leak, and the regulations for packaging roller bottles are particularly convenient for shipping and handling.


Yes, we are gradually refilling our spray tester stock.

Due to logistics and supply chain issues from France during COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to obtain our normal high-quality spray bottles. During this time we have stocked roller bottles instead. However, we found that roller bottles have greater benefits to comply with regulations when shipped internationally and with less hassels.


In fact, yes!

Loss of smell (Anosmia) is one of the effects of COVID and can continue long after a mild or severe infection.

Recent discoveries show that people who have been afflicted with COVID, appear to see a reduced loss of smell and taste, or a distorted sense of smell, or odd or weak smell.

They may also get their sense of smell for base not back, but lack ability to properly smell the top notes. This will distort the smell of perfumes since the top notes are not coming through.

The good news is that it's only temporary.

COVID-19 scent buds generally return to normal in 80% of cases within a few weeks, or in other cases after several months. A few exceptions experience almost permanent loss of smell for a year with receptors returning to normal only with training. The neurons need time to regenerate from the supply of stem cells within the lining of the nose.

Other causes for scent distortion or loss are allergies, hay fever, colds. Like COVID these conditions can make fragrances smell odd, strong scents can smell weak or poorly lasting, or completely distorted. As this system tries to heal, it can lead to a strange condition known as parosmia, in which smell returns, but in a bizarrely distorted fashion. Parosmia is often a sign of recovery.


We offer multiple payment methods; PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Shopify payment processing and the option to pay by Bank Transfer.


For security reasons, the payment provider require that the card payment details must match your bank statement details associated with the card you use:

1. The card holders name
2. The card billing address
3. The delivery address (should match your bank statement)
4. The CVC code (last 3 digits on the back of the card)

If these details differ from your card provider details, the payment will often be held or rejected due to security concerns.


Our Scent Lab need up to 2-working days for decant process plus shipping time. We do not generally process orders on weekends, holidays or bank holidays.

(Plus lab decant process. Weekends not included)

Royal Mail has provided new delivery estimates based on logistics and customs delays:

- UK orders: 7 working days
- EU orders: 2-6 weeks
- Worldwide: 2-6 weeks

** Please note that new EU customs procedures and logistics issues is causing expected delivery delays. We do not recommend to place orders that require tight deliveries since this cannot be guaranteed.

Once orders leave the lab, only Royal Mail will know the delivery status. We are unable to answer updates on delivery status since this is a third-party service.

Be aware that Luxx provides no guarantees, compensation or refunds for any lost or delayed orders shipped Internationally. All shipping issues are the responsibility of the carrier.

Read our terms and conditions for delayed and lost deliveries before placing your order.



If you opted for tracked delivery on checkout, the tracking confirmation is in your delivery confirmation, or from your accounts in the "order history" section. You can search the tracking update via the Royal Mail:

Royal Mail: Track Your Item

Or direct via the Royal Mail website: https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#


Delivery to EU destinations and the United States may be slower than usual, in the region of 2-6 weeks and you may be asked to pay import duty before receiving the order. This is likely to be between 18-20% of the value of the order but please check with your local customs office for further details.

The most common causes for extended or lost delays: - Unclaimed orders - Faulty address

Royal Mail do not offer compensation for parcels destroyed from unclaimed or missing address details, or for parcels rejected customs/duty payments.

You may have limited consumer rights for missing items in this catagory.


Please assure your delivery address and contact details are accurate. If you suspect that the delivery address is in error, contact us as soon as possible so we can rectify this before the order is shipped out.

We do not reimburse or credit orders with delivery issues from faulty details, rejected deliveries, or refusals to pay customs duty. We cannot claim compensation for these issues from Royal Mail.

Failure to provide accurate delivery and contact details may cause a full loss of your order.


If you are based in the European Union you could be charged additional duty, VAT and import fees on arrival.

All import and customs fees are the buyers responsibility. These fees are billed to you by your government and are payable before the release of the goods, or billed after delivery.

Refusal to pay customs fees can result in cancellation of your delivery and loss of your order. Please be aware that compensation will not be issued by Royal Mail for RTOs or refusal to pay customs and duty.

Learn more here:



We do not accept any returns or offer refunds on perfume testers due to the customized handmade nature of the products. UK's Health & Safety Regulations do not permit re-stocking of personalized handmade decants and perishable goods.
We are trying to offer better options in the near future.


- Exchange is offered on faulty / wrong items with a replacement.
- Faulty items need to be notified to us within 36-hours of delivery date to qualify for exchange.
- Note that an exchange will not be provided for returned goods that show signs of use or unreasonable use.
- For replacements, returns must be received within 30-days of the purchase date. Returned items must be pre-approved with a return reference code and be posted by tracked delivery and with tracking proof with the return label emailed to you upon approval.
- Please ensure that the returned parcel is properly sealed and contains the Returns Note or original packing slip.

Order Cancellations

- We accept cancellations with full refund on orders provided support has been notified prior to the product(s) being prepared and/or shipped.
- We cannot accept cancellations once the order has been processed for shipping, or has been shipped.
- Make sure to include your order number and name. If the cancellation is processed, you will receive a cancellation verification by email with refund details.
- A refund will be credited back to the same card used in the purchase within 2-5 business days.

Damaged Items

The following exceptions apply:

- Replacement of the same product will be provided for damaged items.
- Replacement is not offered on products that have been tampered with for other usage.
- Please report damaged items within 24-hours of delivery date to qualify for replacement by emailing support at: luxxperfumes@pm.me

Faulty/Wrong Goods

- If you receive a faulty item a replacement will be issued. Please report faulty goods within 36-hours of delivery through the contact form.
- If you receive a faulty item and we are unable to replace it, a refund will be issued within 14-days of receipt of the return.

Lost Items:
Royal Mail Compensation Claims:

For lost items you may file a compensation claim with Royal Mail via the Online Compensation Form. We cannot accept liability for goods lost in transit (although this is rare) and we do not provide refunds or compensation for lost items. Missing items would need to raised a claim with Royal Mail:

Royal Mail: Missing Items Claim

Or direct via: https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/webforms/claim

Please assure you have all details ready before filing your claim with Royal Mail:

1) Your purchase receipt that was emailed to you
2) The order value and order date
3) Shipping label reference (for non-tracked deliveries) or tracking code.
4) External packaging description ["White padded envelope with printed label"].

This information is emailed to you upon shipping confirmation. You can take a screencap or image of the label reference or tracking number and upload it with your proof for a claim filed with Royal Mail.

Please note that compensation claims by Royal Mail is generally processed for tracked postage and is limited for non-tracked orders. You can however, still file a missing items claim. Missing claims can only be filed after 14-days of shipping date, the earliest.


Our customer service team is available throughout business days from Monday to Friday, local United Kingdom time zone.

During busy holiday seasons we prioritize to respond to existing customers, so we advice to check the FAQ for answers for quicker resolution before contacting support.

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