Serge Lutens

A modern Renaissance man who has turned his singular talents to fragrance, Serge Lutens has bought a unique perspective and conceptual artistry to the world of perfume with his collection of scents.

An innovative perfumer with a nose for the beauty in life’s everyday smells, Serge Lutens has based many of his fragrances on memories of his childhood in bucolic rural France. Other scents are more abstract, like the experimental ‘anti-perfume’ L’Eau De Paille or the daring, Marlene Dietrich-inspired La Fille de Berlin for a truly unique olfactory experience. Be transported out of the realm of traditional perfumery with this refined range of thoughtful, ambitious and vaguely nostalgic fragrances.


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Serge Lutens Chergui - 15ml Decant Tester
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SKU: 7437121047097

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PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Serge Lutens

As if bursting from the earth, Chergui, a desert wind, creates an effect that involves suction more than blowing, carrying plants, insects and twigs along in an inescapable ascent. Its full, persistent gusts crystallize shrubs, bushes and berries, which proceed...

Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan - 15ml Decant Tester
Out of stock

SKU: 7437121047080

AVAILABILITY: In stock (3 items)

PRODUCT TYPE: Eau de Parfum

VENDOR: Serge Lutens

A Serge Lutens puts it, this fragrance is not an Oriental, but an Arab and a Lutens. The point of departure was a scented wax, found in a soukh and long forgotten in a wooden box. The amber only became...

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