Paintings and perfumery… for French perfumer and artist Martine Micallef, the two are linked and unbreakable. In 1997, M. Micallef line debuted its beautiful, hand-painted bottles decorated with Swarovski crystals and filled them exclusive scents, and quickly became well-known to an exclusive contingent of devotees. Royalty has commissioned her stunning bottles, all filled with blends of rare essences that have become exceedingly rare—or so costly—they’re no longer used in mass-market perfumery.

M. Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high end luxury perfumes. Renowned for its perfumes crafted in the finest French artisanal tradition and with almost 900 retail outlets in 60 countries, Perfumes M. Micallef offer bejeweled collections decorated by hand with exceptional fragrances created with the finest and most valuable ingredients.

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