Unisex Perfume - The Best Mens Perfumes for Women

Although the female fragrance market is saturated by floral scents, surveys have revealed that women are opting for more masculine notes in their perfumes – with 70% of women’s top-voted perfumes containing masculine woody or spicy notes. And whether you prefer something heady and floral or more earthy, natural bases, there's something effortlessly sexy about a more masculine, unisex scent.

When it comes to choosing a perfume, it might be better to select your personal scent yourself, rather than wear one bought as a gift, as apparently choosing your own perfume can double your sexual attraction to the opposite sex. With the scent of a woman being able to raise testosterone levels in a man, and women reporting that 'odour' was the most important factor they subconsciously took into consideration when choosing a partner.

With men's fragrances often catching us off guard with their strong, sultry scents, it's no wonder we want to smell it on ourselves all day long. But it’s not just women who like heady male aromas in their fragrances, 63% of men seem to like them on women too.

So with that mind, we've rounded up the best unisex fragrances for the ultimate sex appeal from your cologne or perfume. Treat yourself or buy as a gift for your partner (and steal a secret spritz every morning)...