The Secret to Discounts on Super Luxury Perfumes


Our Top Tip: How to get better prices on luxury niche perfumes?

You purchased a tester and found your perfect new dream perfume, and scout for the full bottle. To your surprise you get blown away by the eye-watering prices on luxury perfumes that easily stretch beyond the £300 mark per 100ml. Yikes!

Well, there's a secret trick to buying super-luxury niche fragrances for less if you don't mind the shortcuts.

Try buying your favorite perfume in demonstration testers. You get the same beautiful perfume you love but with a good discount price.

What exactly is a demonstration tester bottle you may ask? A demo tester is provided to sales staff in the retail stores. That's what they spray us consumers with when we enter a store, or the wrapping is sprayed with when you purchase a perfume.

To cut on manufacturing costs brands have come up with a clever system: They supply retail sales staff with demonstration tester bottles in plain white boxes that is thrown away but with the same same original bottles we love, without the prettier, more expensive colorful packaging box.

Sometimes these perfumes are colourless unlike the full-prices original and we will explain more below.


Colourless perfumes in retail demo testers.

The retail demonstration testers are not permitted to be sold in a retail stores to compete with the full-priced products, and the box will sometimes have a print that says "not for retail sale" on them. Many demonstration bottles will also contain stickers with the fragrance notes to serve as a guide to sales staff. Manufacturers will sometimes sell demo perfume bottles discounted to distributors and this is when you have a chance to save costs for your perfumes.

Some retail demonstration testers will be supplied colourless, meaning without any colouring added to the fragrance. Coloring is quite troublesome in perfumes and can alter the scent and create a lot of other chemical reactions, and perfume houses nowadays try to use colored bottles, or clear bottles that change colors as liquid are poured into them, or other innovative techniques to give liquids the illusion of colors without using coloring in the actual perfumes.

Avoiding coloring not only saves on potential chemical problems that can affect the scent but it saves on the manufacturing costs. For example, if a brand manufactures 500,000 bottles and they can cut the costs by £0.75 or even £2-3 per bottle merely by excluding 4-colour print, or costly foil stamping on the boxes, excluding the cap or by leaving out the fragrance colouring in a perfume, that's a lot of savings on unnecessary costs....

Our perfume experts tell us that another reason demonstration testers are supplied in plain boxes and without fragrance colouring is to deter demo testers to be sold at full retail prices 'under the table' in the shops that would compete with the actual retail bottles. Demonstration testers are provided free or discounted to the retail shops representing the brands. Buyers, however, can't get them free but you can buy them discounted.

So, next time you ponder why your perfume looks a bit different or does not have the exact colour you remember it to have, you probably got a fully authentic perfume from a retail demo tester!

Although you may not be lucky to get retail demonstration tester for free like shop sales staff, you can often find them sold with a discount via the many licensed online perfume retailers, or through major distributors for wholesale purchase.

It's a fantastic opportunity to buy a super-luxury fragrance at a discount - unless you love to collect the original glam boxes, of course!

Retail demo testers generally come supplied in plain white boxes.

Demonstration shop testers are sometimes supplied colourless to cut on manufacturing costs for the brands.

 Not all demonstration testers come in plain white boxes. It depends on the manufacturers offer.

 Same beautiful fragrance in plain packaging but with a good discount.





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